Obi’s Christmas Day 2016

I have an octopus with a ball inside; my eye on a giant Toblerone and a large wodge of used wrapping paper.  I’ve had a fantastic day.  I have met a person I very much like.  She does dog massage.
I have a new dog friend who is the cutest thing since Pedigree Chum.  She is prepared to have me in the same room and sometimes quite near her.  She likes me kept a respectful couple of metres distance.  When I do this she is very happy to mirror me and I, her.  She is black too.  This suits me very well.  I like her style.
I have helped a lot of people today.  I have taken off socks, picked things off the floor, found a Santa hidden in a bag and requisitioned the tomato ketchup.  It’s Christmas.
I have had a wonderful time.  I have joined a very interesting family, full of love and kindness.  My step brother human bean made lunch.  I would have loved some, but human bean food doesn’t always go down well in a literal or metaphorical sense.  I am better sticking to the food I know.
I feel a very fortunate dog.  I am loved and appreciated.  I hope you are too.  


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