Sleight of Hand

Impossible to believe that SLEIGHT OF HAND is going out into the world. It’s the oddest feeling to see a book grown.

The book has been a joy to work on.  This is the blurb:

A transvestite magician, a student with self-esteem issues and a disabled alcoholic artist. What could they possibly have in common? Three men, all unhappy with their lives are brought together by magic. Well, they work at Watson’s Magic Emporium and in their different ways are gifted in the art of sleight of hand. Paradise, a transvestite, wants retribution for the abuse she suffered at the hands of a teacher at her school. Gabriel wants to beat his alcoholism and return to his once promising career as an artist. Josh wants out of his family life and a chance to be himself without his Dad and Step-mum heavy breathing down his neck. Paradise decides to take the law into her own hands. Gabriel makes the world a kinder place and Josh finds his vocation, making magic.

The hardest part has been saying good bye to the Paradise Watson, Gabriel Pinkerton and Josh Hunter. Although they are in the new book, I am by no means sure that they will make the final draft. I found I needed them there to get started, yes, I had grown that fond of them.

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