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Jane Wallman-Girdlestone is a writer of psychological drama.  She is based in the Highlands of Scotland.

Jane is third generation in a family of theatre people, mostly magicians, puppeteers, agents and directors.  After completing her first degree at Homerton College, Cambridge, she taught for a few years English and Drama.  After training as a theatre director at Drama Studio London, Jane founded The Ovation Theatre Company specialising in contemporary feminist writers.  She is a trained therapist.

Jane is an Honorary Fellow at The University of Aberdeen.  Her post-doctoral research is in mental health, wellbeing and spirituality.  She is an ordained Anglican priest.  She has served in parishes in Suffolk before becoming a lecturer in Theology at Cardiff University and The Queen’s Foundation in Birmingham.  She is currently attached to the Cathedral in Inverness.

Jane is married, is a foster, adoptive and step-parent.  She has three Newfoundland dogs. She is a wheelchair user and is the first wheelchair using guide dog owner in Scotland.  Her guide dog is called Obi.


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  1. Hi Jane I wonder if you remember me. My name is Alison Crocker and I was in the Upper Third at Norwich High School when we performed your play ‘St Seeds School for Excitable Young Ladies’: I played Vanessa (‘Brains’). You were entirely inspirational to me aged 12 and I have never forgotten the way you encouraged and developed my interest in English.
    I am now a consultant obstetrician in Chichester and have a 13 year old daughter who is obsessed with languages. She came home from school on Friday and showed me an essay she wrote and out of the blue I thought ‘Miss Wallman would like that’: then ‘what a bizarre thought to have after all this time’ and then naturally ‘I wonder if she is online’!
    Thank you from a 44year old medic who still remembers you with enormous fondness. X


  2. Are you the Jane Wallman who volunteered at the NCC office in Washington DC decades ago?


  3. Ha ha. Informative. I’m pleased to learn where you’re coming from, Jane.

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  4. Joanne Broughton (nee Lee) October 30, 2020 — 1:13 pm

    Joanne Broughton (nee Lee) Homerton 1980-84
    Hi Jane, You were a first year Drama student at Homerton when I came up for my interview and my tour guide for the day! Thank you for helping me to decide that Homerton was the place for me – I loved my time there and am still teaching Drama at a girls’ grammar school now.


  5. Warwick Girdlestone September 26, 2021 — 6:38 am

    Hullo Jane , my name is Warwick
    Girdlestone , and I recall when I met Gathorne (Gig) Girdlestone in 2006 at Henley Royal Regatta , he mentioned, his sister and Anglican priest in Inverness, might you be that relative of his . I have lost contact with Gig , and woukd appreciate any help to reconnect with him . With kind regatds warwick girdlestone wggirdkes@bigpond.com


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