Obi’s Christmas Sermon

In common with most guide dogs who live with clergy, Christmas Eve is the time to draw the year’s thoughts together into a Christmas Sermon.
I have a simple theme.  I take as my reference from the Dog Canon of Sacred Sayings:
‘A puppy is not  just for Christmas, but for life.’  The Genesis of Canine, chapter 5 verse 6.
Human beans, some of whom are close friends and companions, have a lot to teach us about how to take very good care over the things that matter in life.  In their human history they know that babies are important.  They can’t do much without a grown up human’s help.  So they  are treated with special consideration.  At this time of year, ages ago, possibly more than one hundred dog years, a baby was born that some human beans see as exceptional.  Yes, he was someone’s grandson and son, so he was bound to be thought a bit of an original in the family, but the funny thing about this puppy child was that others thought he was a one off too.
As he grew he wanted more out of life than playing and following in his Dad’s craft trade.  He wanted to change the world.  It was a huge disadvantage being a human and not a fully fledged fur ball puppy.  As fur balls, all we need to do is gaze at people with our glistening coats and drop dead gorgeous eyes and we transmit the power of love; a laser beam of goodness when faced with hurt, pain and distrust.  It works.  We all smile.
So the human bean baby grew up and things became testing and difficult but at this point in the story, the part we celebrate tonight, we remember his birth, the beginnings of a new hope that life could be different; positive even when it feels a tad dull or over-wrought.  It’s a difficult idea.  Dogs are good at love but humans need oodles of encouragement.  
So this baby like a puppy was born to bring life, laughter and the occasional lick as well as quite a lot of crying.  Just like a puppy he is vulnerable and needs support.  He needs to grow into his uniqueness as a puppy must find his love for his own human beans.
This Christmas we can enjoy the idea of a good old bash with friends and family but remember the puppy.  The puppy in all of us that needs nurturing through life. 
In the name of the bone, lead and water bowl, Amen.


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