Obi’s Christmas Letter 2016

As this is the first Christmas I am living with my forever family, they’ve invited me to write a short Christmas letter. 
Dear World, friends old and new, dogs this side and over the rainbow bridge,
Christmas is here.  It is a young-ish festival when we admire a baby, eat a lot and open presents.  Key words are:  stocking, yes please and Santa.  Santa brings the gifts to the shops which Mum and Dad buy and then give to family and friends.
This year has been eventful.  I have trained and qualified as a guided dog for a wheelchair user and a dog for the disabled.  I am happy in my new role.  My family are very pleased to have me.  I am living with the tension.
Dad Simon has had a busy year in the non guide dog use of the word ‘busy’ which is the command to spend a penny or two.  His photographs of pebbles have been widely acclaimed.  His composition entitled Triptych of a Stone was purchased by a family from Dubai who have given it pride of place in their pine and cranberry infused sauna cabin at their hunting lodge.  He has taken up skiing, and with my help, is training for the octogenarian Olympics in a couple of years.  I run ahead with his phone and he has to try and catch me. ‘Nough said?
Mum is knitting a series of life size copies of major landmarks.  She has completed Robert Burns and The Shard.  As far as hobbies go it is therapeutic.  My role is to reel out the wool.  I do this by chewing what she has made the night before.  This project may take her some time.  I am in charge of her fitness too.  Stealing her phone means she now holds the world land speed record on crutches for retrieving.  She’s faster than me.
Mum has changed jobs this year.  She continues to write but she is now Co-ordinator and pack leader for the national charity, dogs dancing in diamonds.  It is a charity that enables dogs who give so much of their life to helping others to fulfill their personal dreams.  This could be anything from learning to fly to a trip of a lifetime to Crufts.
She loves her work.  When I am retired she has promised me that I will get the chance to live my dream.  Yesterday I thought maybe being the first dog on Mars would be best, but today I’d rather have a banquet of my favourite foods and friends.
Talking of friends, children are all thriving.  I won’t embarrass by naming names but the words Master Chef, free-lance photographer, entrepreneur, inspired visionary and multi millionaire come to mind.  If the cap fits.
As for me, I am excited.  Christmas is coming an I’m ready.  Presents bought.  Bits in order.  Fur coat gleaming.  Bring it on.


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