Obi Personal Log Aged One and Ten Twelfths:  The Guide Dog Club

Pudgy Mummy, Mum for short, is wearing me out.  Today I could have done with a quiet day, in a warm office, but oh no.  Up earlier than usual.  Did I ask for breakfast at 7.15am?  I do not think so.  I have ordered it for 7.45am.  It’s a regular booking.  In matters of food, cuddles and balls, regular is best.
We set off, picked up our trainer.  She does bright eyed and bushy tailed before dawn well.  As well as I do falling asleep in the foot well of the car.
We went on a train to Nairn.  (About ten minutes quality sleep).  Walked through town.  (I would have described it after my vast experience of conurbations – that’s my word of the week now I’m a writer’s dog – as a small hamlet.). No shopping.  (Why?  First woman I’ve met who doesn’t like shopping and navigates by coffee and book shops.). Then Dimbleby, Mum’s powered chair fainted when we got to the sea front.  Dad rescued us with the car and we were back in the warm.  I fell into a deep sleep while the bald dogs chatted on.
I was rudely awakened when they’d decided the chair had re-charged enough.  We set off to do obedience.  (I ask you!  The boringest thing there is.  ‘Sit’, ‘Stay’ and ‘Wait’.  Any self respecting puppy can master this at two months.  I’ve been an expert for well over eighteen.  I yawned, but for a quiet life I went through the motions.  (Simple minds need simple pleasures.)
I hoped.  Of course.  I wasn’t disappointed.  My collar changed to my play one with my bell, my nose was twitching. I felt alert enough to fly.  The command came and off I went to free run.  Apart from nearly knocking over a couple.  Why they didn’t move I’ve no idea and requisitioning a ball ( I love the way my trainer insists, after a fight, that I give it back) the high spot was the sudden distraction of hearing three whistles on the wind.
This is a secret code guide dogs have.  It’s perculiar to club members like a call sign.  Mum and my trainer knew immediately it wasn’t either of them or aimed at me.  Then we all saw.  Another guide dog was being free run on the same patch of grass.  Kirsty had a ball.  I chased Kirsty, Kirsty chased me while the bald dogs chatted.  I stole the ball from Kirsty.  Kirsty barked at me, I barked at her.  We were getting on like a kennel on a barbecue when one of the big baldy dogs removed the ball.  Nothing left to do but chase each other!  It was great.  I like Nairn.
Dad drove us all back to Inverness.  This afternoon I’ve caught up on my sleep.  Unless I’m very much mistaken Mum has done the same.
My new sister Connie has come home from Annevet where she has had her insides gouged out today.  Makes me glad I’m a boy.  Mine was just a snip.  She’s sleeping the anaesthetic off.  I’m reluctant to leave her.  Again I don’t remember this being in the guide dog manual, but I like to see a friendly face when I’m under the weather so I’m hoping she will feel exactly the same.  Also, a lady said I had a beautiful face today.  Who am I to…


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