Obi’s Personal Log Aged One Year and Ten Twelfths:  Play With Girls

I have taught Connie to play my favourite game – The Death Wall.  The idea is that I go round and round in tight circles at high speed.  Today I barked.  My first since I’ve been with her.   Mum laughed. Connie barked back, jumped off the decking and joined The Death Wall Ride.  Amazing.  She can move quite fast for a large dog.
Afterwards we went to sleep side by side.  My head touching her rump.  She’s all right once you get to know her.
I am seeing our trainer again today.  I’m a bit too embarrassed to call Fat Woman on Wheels, Mum in front of her.  At one time I thought of my trainer as Mum, I guess.  I talked to Dad about it.  He listened very carefully and wondered with me what I might like to do.  In the end I came up with a brilliant compromise.  In the company of my trainer I will adress her as Pudgy Mummy on Wheels.  This is descriptive but warmish and heartfelt like.  Dad thought  Mum would completely get the logic in this; be very flattered I had given so much thought to the issue.  I know this is right for us all.  My trainer will still feel wanted too.  I will greet her as Good Trainer Not On Wheels.  I should be used to choose puppy names really.


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