Obi’s Personal Log Aged One and Ten Twelfths:  Congratulations!

Today my Mum and I qualified as wheelchair guide dog user and guide dog.  Mum tells me we are the first to qualify in Scotland.  I  think everyone should have either a guide dog or a pudgy person on Wheels of their very own.  The world would be a much happier place.
I had no idea we were qualifying today, but I knew something was up.  No trainer came on the walk with us.  Instead a very nice man I have met before, but I can’t think where, started stalking us when we left Eden Court Theatre and stayed with us THE WHOLE TIME!  Scarey biscuits.  At least it would have been if I hadn’t  kept us a good distance away from him.
Weirdly, when we got back to the theatre, the man came and sat with us.  I went to sleep.  He stayed for lunch.
Mum was very excited when I woke up as we had qualified.  This means we can now work as a unit on our own.  We did brilliantly she said.  She told me I was a star.  I rolled my eyes and reminded her which pocket she kept the treat biscuits in.  
Today is the first day of our working partnership.  There is talk of a present.  Frankly, a lie down and a nice dinner would hit the mark, but I appreciate the thought.
Tomorrow, who can tell what it holds.  I’ll keep you posted.


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