Obi Personal Log Aged One and Ten Twelfths: Getting Fat Dog Organised

Fat Dog isn’t the easiest.  I’m beginning to realise this.  She over-slept by almost ten minutes this morning which meant I was late getting my breakfast.  I refused to poo as a protest.  This dog has standards.
I have taken Fat Dog to the vet this morning.  I don’t know what was wrong.  She sat in the waiting room while I took a tour of the building with a very nice nurse with biscuits.
When I came back, I was full of all I’d seen.  They have loads of dogs and some very nice people working there.   
I will recommend the vet to everyone I meet.  Usually they do stuff to you at the vet. Not here.  It’s all smiles and treats.  Personally I think this is a very effective treatment.  Much better than all that hands in your important little places probing.  It can be very demeaning when, if they only listened more carefully, they’d know I’d got snuffles.  NOTHING to do with anal glands. 


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  1. Harvey says – lucky you – I went today too and she stuck bits of paper in my eyes!! I tell you just watch out – never in all my 12 years heard of a vet that did nothing – you watch, they’ll get you in the end! PS if you are feeling a bit sluggish ask for those little white pills they give me – amazing!


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