Obi Personal Log Aged One and Ten Twelfths: Making Beautiful Music

I was quite pleased with the progress the Fat Dog On Wheels is making.  This morning we went to a church.  For those fellow guide dogs unfamiliar with these buildings it’s like a shopping mall without shops or a car park covered over with stones and things.  It has chairs but very uncomfortable floors.
I finally got off to sleep despite her fidgeting.  I think she got quite bored because she kept mumbling to herself a bit like a low growl.  She then quite suddenly start howling at the top of her voice.  Other bald dogs joined in.  They seemed to enjoy it but frankly it made my head ache.
Why they sit and listen to one naked dog mumbling or to other dogs howling is beyond me.  I heard her say how much she had enjoyed it.  There’s no accounting for taste.  I don’t suppose I’ll ever get it entirely.
Coffee afterwards was much more my scene.  A lovely cafe.  I’d like to go again.  Warmer floor.
This afternoon, the weather was bad.  I suggested a free run in the local park but I was ignored.  The trainer used me to teach grooming and first aid.  I wouldn’t have minded but they didn’t even sing the theme tune from ‘Casualty’ and no one said ‘Stand clear’.  Love that.
Now we’re on down time.  She’s doing OK but I think I’ve a lot of work ahead of me.  Tonight I will concentrate on teaching her how to put gloves on.  The way we Dogs for Good/Guide Dogs do this is to worry around the gloves until they are worn, then pull them off usually leaving fingers behind where possible.  We encourage them to then give us a treat.  It gives them a sense of achievement.  She needs to stay motivated.
Bone whittling calls.  Never a dull moment. 



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