Training as a Wheelchair Using Guide Dog User

Heard today that if all goes well with introductions to Olaf, I start training with him in England a couple of days later.  Good eh?  At this rate it looks as though we will qualify before Christmas.  How amazing is THAT?
Qualifying is a complex process.  The bottom line is that you have to be able to both show you can work safely together.  
Quite right too.  There are all the usual things like stopping at kerbs and crossing roads.  But there are other things like moving through pedestrianised areas, avoiding obstacles, not crossing in traffic, social behaviour and free running.  Then we start the excitement of train journeys and taxis graduating to flights and ferries.  
Gradually Olaf and I will build a bond.  A bond that will make us greatest conspirators, most considerate of co-workers and the most of loving of friends for the rest of Olaf’s working life.
It is almost as momentous as getting married.  To work well there’s a lot of give and take.
Even my new  physiotherapist thought Olaf was the perfect name for a dog placed with me!  I think that may have been because we are beginning the process of straightening my leg.  While she placed (significant) pressure on my knee (cold sweat) I sang at the top of my voice through the torture(!).  (I am not a drama queen!  Much!).  It did the trick perfectly.  Lots of oxygen taken on board and endorphins released.  Between the pain bouts, we laughed a lot.  Maybe a madly exhuberent Disney snow person is a great match with me on levels I can’t even begin to appreciate yet. 



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