Preparing for Olaf – my New Guide Dog in Waiting

We are to meet for the first time on 1st November – Olaf and me.  I’m ever so excited.  Gentle preparations are afoot, although really they’re a-paw as, at this stage it mostly concerns reminding the existing dog pack of their canine manners.
Anyone watching from Guide Dogs today would have fallen about with laughter at my antics.  We had feeding time the guide dog way today.  In the end we had two teams.  The passive submissives sat patiently until they were given permission to eat.  Humph and Tabitha munched away and then went out for the obligatory relief.  
Team two, Connie; active assertive.  Mortified to be made to wait for food but she did it and, although she looked mildly humiliated by the experience, it will do her no harm at all.  She takes after her mum.  Once she’s in the picture she tends to ‘boom’ her way through or roll over and say ‘tickle my tummy’.  I am being studiously ignored just now.  ‘Mum was well out of order keeping me waiting’ is the message.
The older two remember the guide dog commands from Rainbow, my previous guide dog’s reign.  In fairness, Connie is new to this.
I’m writing this lying on our bed with ‘It Takes Two’ burbling in the background.  Humph has settled on the bed next to me.  I think he approves of the young pretender being taken in hand.  I do tend to agree.  
Below Tabitha is resigned to positive reinforcement of good behaviour.  Treat time.



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