Olaf the Guide Dog: New Course Equipment List

Before the wonderful days when you could wear pretty much what you like to school, parents received a uniform and equipment list.  Some of the ‘demands’ were quite ridiculous.  I was ridiculed by one PE teacher because my mum didn’t embroider my name on my PE shirt but sewed it in chain stitch!  I ask you!  Thank goodness times have changed.
However at the risk of sounding like a bit of a throwback, I have produced my list for my guide dog training.
For Olaf:

Old towel,


Small Teddy,


Bowls, bed etc… Will come with him.
For me:

Waterproof trousers and jacket

Fingerless gloves

Waterproof hat

Woolly hat


Head light

Pooper scooper and bags

(For Olaf but you never know I suppose)

Clothes and stuff



I’m munching my way through the reading list:

‘Guide Dogs for Dummies’

Ed by Ivor Goode-Boyes

Was excellent.

I’ve skimmed ‘Following Fur’ by Mia Harness.  I’ve yet to make a start on ‘Treats on a Budget: Home Cooked Dishes for Furballs by Mary Berry.  Who knew????
I’ve just got to see my name tags in and make a shoe bag then I’m home and dry. 



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