Time Will Tell

I’m one of the worst offenders when it comes to letting time slip by without fully appreciating the value of the moment.  Time is a seductive friend.  We all imagine we have much more of it than we do.

I’ve been thinking of best use of time.  For me, and I do realise I’m in a minority as a strong introvert, time buckling down to creative things is the equivalent of a night out with friends for many.  It’s where I’m happiest.

I remember thinking when I was a lot younger that I’d quite like it if time sped up a little.  Now it whizzes past at a rate of knots, I’d like air brakes.  I could get panicked into thinking there’s so much to do, and so little time to fit it into.

Instead I work on the principle that when tough decisions need to be made all I can do is act in a way that brings life to others and through that to myself. 

 Today it’s been easy.  Yes to a packet of fudge.  Delicious .suckableness in bite sized pieces.  No to an opportunity which would be fun but the person I’ve suggested will do a better job than me.  Yes to taking me seriously. No to the impressive list of things I can’t change, however much I’d like to. 



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