Sleight of Hand: Sawing The Author in Half

I’m doing that thing you do after re-writes.  Reading the whole manuscript through.  

My editor gave me a stunningly accurate set of notes (all the more galling that she is right, but she is; entirely).  I have done my best.

The story is reading OK.  I still have question marks.  The more I talk to highly experienced authors the more I’m realising that doesn’t go away.  But there has to be a point when I stop picking for pickings sake and say – ‘that is good enough.’

I’m not at the point where I hate it. I like it.  But since when did an author have enough objectivity to address anything regarding the quality of her own work.  Am I proud of it?  Not quite yet.  I’ll feel better when I have a sense of how much more needs to be done when it’s had a good, professional once over.

Am I pleased I’ve written it?  Hell yes.  Paradise, Gabriel and Josh have become friends.

What will I do after my deadline next week?  Long weekend moving into our new bedroom.  Then ‘Duty of Care’ is needing it’s ending thanks to Dreda Says Mitchell. 



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