Writing Aerobics: character

Morning spent listening to each other’s openings to books and new chapters.  Then some fun playing with character.  All interesting with plenty of anecdotes on a life in TV and radio from Simon.  Dreda helped shape some folks work.  She has a gift for spotting the stand alone line.

We have homework to do this afternoon.  This exercise is called ‘hidden in plain sight’.  It’s about how clues make it into the story.  I’ll share mine tomorrow when it’s had the night in the proving drawer.

It’s good to be back here, but I’m feeling frustrated that I can’t devote the afternoon to work,  I’d mapped out what I wanted to get done.  Still that’s only half my luck. We played the hot seat game too.  I can remember playing this with kids at school where someone gets into character and the ‘audience’ asks them questions.  I was Clarence in ‘Duty of Care’.  I think I can edit him better as a result, so it was a valuable exercise for me.  I suspect it was a bit creepy to hear though, but then he is.

Tonight we have Professor Black, the forensic anthropologist talking to us.  I’m excited.  



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