Writing Aerobics: Settings and Stuff

First morning panning for gold has been fine.  Talented group full of engaging people.  Wonderful to see Moniack Mhor staff too.
We did a short exercise around settings with an unseen photo we chose from a fan of cards.  Reminded me of several sessions I’ve facilitated in the past with writers starting out wanting confidence building.
My photo was of Liverpool Street station.  My 15 minute timed effort wasn’t anything special, but it reminded me that overthinking is not the best friend of the creative endeavour. 

Here we go, no edit:

‘What is it about burgers?  The smell hangs below body odour; above exhaust fumes.  You catch it before the noise.  The frenetic waves of human rush hour.  After the drafts settle of the train departing.
What is it about stations that makes opportunism so seductive?  The pressing bodies arouses a desire.
Just the gentlest of pushes.  Who’s to say she wasn’t a jumper?  I’m as shocked as the rest of them as I squeeze past the buskers, paused by the commotion and head for platform three.  The train to sunny Bangor.”
I didn’t know it was Liverpool Street until after I’d written it.  I suppose it should be somewhere in East Anglia?


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