Writing Aerobics:  Decapitation

Last night will live in my memory for a long time. It’s not every day I get to be a corpse being decapitated by leading forensic anthropologist Professor Sue Black. I was a visual aid.
I’d completed her on line forensic course out of Dundee University which was wonderful, but it was pure joy to meet her. She is a gifted teacher and she took us onto the nursery slopes of forensic anthropology.
No. It isn’t like CSI. Truly. It’s no good. I can’t let you hold on to that fantasy!
The course is going well. Lovely breakthrough moment with ‘Duty of Care’. Encouraging exercises around plotting today.
I am just beginning to feel tired but in a good way. I’d happily take the course members home and carry on, but I would like to get back in my own bed and play music loudly!
Saturday will  come too   soon in so many ways.


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