For Paul

Mission Accomplished

Jane Wallman-Girdlestone
A poem following the death of my friend Paul Blackwood 

1st December 2015

Mission accomplished;

stand down,

space warrior,

dreamer, creator, 

observer of the absurd.

Stealth encourager,

Undercover love bomber.

Your skills have been noted in the 


Admired by your Commander and 

applauded at mission control.

Your attention to the task, 


Spacesuit malfunctions are not the 

end of your commission.

This is the beginning

Of a freer form of travel.

Better equipped,

Upgraded free of charge,

your past missions have prepared 

you for the exploration of other 


More skilful navigation and 

habitation of the New Lands is 

written in your stars.

You travel on unencumbered,

recycling your out of date 


Which has faithfully rebooted 

until at the last it aborted due to a 

total system malfunction.

Assimilate your new, advanced 


You’ve been promoted space 


Your medals honourably displayed.

Go forward with courage.

Don’t look back;

We will watch out for you in 


We will join you

When we are promoted

To navigate the abstract dimension 

beyond our skies.

Rest in peace.

Go well my friend.



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