Woman in a caravan

We’re going out for supper with a good friend later.  I’m going to suggest we go and see ‘Woman in a Van’.  Mind you I’m a tad worried that it may be a bit close to home as we’ve just moved into our caravan in order to get some works done on the house.

I love our caravan.  It’s old and falling apart and called Edmund.  I’m comfy with him.  

It has to be said that three Newfies, our cat and the two of us is a squash but we’re coping well.  It’s like musical chairs!

I thought I might struggle to work in such close proximity with the pack but it’s like writing on a boat or in the car, headphones on and zero in on the target.  Book finishing deadline followed by Jane’s treat.  (Now wouldn’t that be telling!  A woman can reveal too much.)

The cat likes this new arrangement.  He treats the caravan as an enlarged cat carrier.  He deigns to let us sleep there as long as he has pride of place.

It is a beautiful thing to see him survey his territory and decide the place to be is on a pillow looking out to sea through the caravan window. He’d have made a great sea-faring cat that’s for sure.

Maybe we should have called him Horatio and not Bertie.



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