Obi Personal Log Aged One and Ten Twelfths:  Leader of the Pack

Dog, that was so cool.  After work today I had my first free run ever with the whole pack.  Humphrey pretty much did his own thing but Tabitha, Connie and I played loads.  Tabby chased me a bit.  Connie jumped me so many times I lost count.  It was exciting.  All I had to do was crouch and she was straight on the case.  Brilliant!  She may be big but I am fast.  Weirdly we balance each other out.
I’m knackered now.  Connie has nearly as much energy as me.  We all had a great time. Although Dad had to get the car out to fetch Humph.  He didn’t swim but he’s an old boy and once he gets an idea in his head, there’s no changing him.  In this sense he is very similar to my Dad.  Today he wanted to walk down to the village to see his old friends before Christmas.  They weren’t out and ready to play so he was grateful for the ride home in the car.  He may not move now for the rest of the day.  Mind you, I can’t talk, I’m writing this lying flat out on my side. 
Busy day.



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