Obi and Introductions

Hard to believe that Obi arrived two days ago.  He is lying at my feet with Tabitha at my side, fast asleep.  Somehow within the space of a few hours, everyone has worked out how they fit together.


Introductions were seamless.  The dogs, particularly Connie, came home smelling to high Heaven.  I thought that might affect things but not at all.  Obi seemed relieved to meet the creatures behind the house smells.  The old pack were surprised but quickly checked Obi out and pronounced him pretty harmless.


Obi even stayed with Connie while she had her bath.  Noble as she hates baths.


Humphrey, as predicted, was a little stand offish.  He is very much my dog so his big issue was re-establishing his bond with me.  Once he realised that was entirely intact, he was up for a companionable stroll round the garden with Obi.


Connie has been keen to play.  Odd after seeing such a playful Obi in The Guide Dog Centre, to see him tentative.  May be the shear bulk of a Newfoundland or a respectful awareness that this is their house too.  Either way, Obi has been well received.


Humph watches him in the garden.  Tabitha lies with him.  Connie is definitely up for a game when Obi is ready.  I think they will grow to love each other when they realise that Obi in turn keeps his eyes out for me.IMG_0040.JPG


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