Olaf becomes Obidiah: it’s all in a name

Yesterday I was formally introduced to Olaf now Obi.

I have the photographic evidence that he’s a real cutie.

He worked remarkably well for me considering it was my first time with him in harness.  Debbie, our trainer, has done an excellent job.  She helped me to begin the slow process of building my confidence.
Olaf is a lovely name but you know me.  Curiosity felled this  kitty and I found myself looking up what the meanings of Olaf are.  Awfully glad I did this.  The Urban Slang Dictionary on line was a real education.  
I’ve never been one for genital envy but I wasn’t keen on having a dog who’s name was a Slang expression for a person who resembles a penis.  Scandinavia never ceases to illuminate.  Apparently, Olaf is used in a similar way to Knobhead or Dickhead.  I can see some light entertainment on the comedy circuit with this but less so with sermons and pastoral visits.  Yes, do call me old fashioned.
So we gave some thought to new names.  The short list was Theo, Obi(diah) and Otto.  Obi won.  It suits him the best tbh.
So Obi and I are now officially walking out.  We start our residential training tomorrow!   Can’t wait.


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