Conference Blues

It couldn’t be a more wonderful time to be staying in Salisbury.  The trees can do no more.  Their final blaze of glory is breath-taking.  I am staying in a room that overlooks the cathedral in Sarum College.  It is on the corridor where, in the days when I was a student here, our Church History and Old Testament lecturers had their studies.  I have been marvelling at using the lift in the space that used to be a fire escape.  Home for Gin and Tonics or an afternoon with a good book in the sun.
Today there was a VIP in the building – the newly appointed Bishop of St David’s.  It was a powerful moment when a Benedictine monk bent to kiss the finger where her episcopal ring will soon sit.  I am proud.  A moment in history.
I’m on a two day residential.  As is often the case, I am finding the experience invigorating and enlightening.  I’ve met some fascinating individuals and we have developed a reflective style as a group.  I’m very sad we part tomorrow.  I am just getting into the swing.
It’s a joy to do something which draws on so many different levels of being, as well as companioning each other.

I think I’ve made some new friends too. 



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