Freeing The Wheelchair One: Result

I’m not a hen who counts her chickens before they’re hatched, but I have some excellent news.  My new powered chair has found funding via a national charity.
I’m not clear about timings just yet, but I now know that a chair isn’t a dream; it will once again, be my lived reality.
It hasn’t sunk in yet.
I’ve talked to Guide Dogs who are delighted.  Sadly, the dog earmarked for me has a problem with trains so they are looking for a new dog.  Two others in training were doing jolly well until one hurt his toe and the other became de-motivated around wheelchairs.  They both have my deepest sympathy.
So now the fun starts.  In the weeks ahead, a meeting with an occupational therapist and the Additional Needs Mobility Adviser from Guide Dogs will mean the choice of chair will be fit for purpose and fitted to me.  Then…
Well, we can set up some long cane wheelchair training and look for the dog match.
Non-animal sacrifices and oblations to the gods would be hugely appreciated.  Society also needs to be warned that this gal will soon be back in town.

A special thank you to Bishop Nigel, Anne, Archdeacon Ian, Drew Hendry MP, David, Lee, Jackie, Michele and Simon for sanity and letter writing.



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