A Good Enough Life

You’d be forgiven if you keep up to date with the news, if you believed that we’re all not only getting peed off with the EU Referendum (I’m warming up) but we should be making changes to our lifestyle too.  Exercise.  Avoiding pollution.  Checking in for the latest medication.  Balancing our diet and cutting our stress.
Inbetween re-writes today, I’ve been bashing home some research for my non-fiction book on good enough living.
Self help is one thing, but self acceptance is quite another.  Self help is important.  Many of us have had a moment when a film, book, play (if you’d like to play along it’s four words…) can cause A LIGHT BULB MOMENT.
They are the transitional moments which open the door ajar in our stuck in the mud thinking.  They are essential to emotional growth; to a sense that we’re living and not simply existing.
Today I was re-visiting what I’m meaning by living in a way that is good enough.  The problem with chasing after habitual self improvement is that you will never meet your own heightened  perceptions of the goal you’re setting.  If you’re after a great body, it could be you’re fundamentally unhappy with the one your genes and environment has given you.  If you’re looking for work colleagues to recognise your giftedness and think of you as their inspirational role model, that could be tough to achieve  if you don’t ever think that about yourself.  We are what we think we are to a surprising degree.
I came to the conclusion today that being good enough is about appreciating balance.  I can’t deny it requires a degree of self honesty and awareness, but it also invites us to accept the extra ordinariness of ourselves and others.
Good enough living is about setting priorities and learning the skills of adaptability and generosity.  There’s a frightening correlation between how directly our mental thought processes impact on our health, enjoyment of life and ability to appraise what is happening to us.
I haven’t had a light bulb moment today, more of a flash of light into a murky corner that needs to be explored and utilised more.
I note my good enough living today as:

  • Working hard but stopping to enjoy a great chat.
  • Finding something lost and losing something found.
  • Sharing with you instead of switching off with a book.
  • Laughing.  Long and hard.  That chat was A GOOD THING.

Maybe at the heart of good enough living is recognising this is the moment that really counts.



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