Birthday Post

Today I am 55. This is not, of course, possible.  I’ll stand 35 at a pinch but late 20’s is how I feel.

I am celebrating well. Sometimes that’s what’s left to do when all else is said and done; celebrate or grieve.  
An apposite gift was from my husband – ‘What would Jesus Wear?’  A wonderful moment – opening cards.

What am I celebrating?

  • 55 extraordinary years on this planet.
  • Eccentric, bizzare, creative parents.
  • A network of family and friends.
  • Time with the people I love doing what we are passionate about.
  • Laughter – lots.
  • Love – the fragile, precious value of acceptance and accepting.
  • Music.
  • Animals.
  • Nature.
  • The sea.
  • My life today.  Now.

It gets better; surer footed.  More confident.  Life demands engagement and I’m up for that.  Big time.



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