Fifty Things I Will Do By This Time Next Week

Fifty Things I Will Do By This Time Next Week.  


1. Paddle in the sea.

2. Reorganise my wardrobe.

3. Smell a flower.

4. Drink a coffee with friends.

5. Work on the next draft of ‘Duty of Care’.

6. Watch something on iPlayer.

7. Write a blog.

8. Pray.

9. Sing.

10. Order a book on animal behaviour.

11. Read ‘The Franchise Affair’ by Josephine Tey.

12. Do my pre-op exercises.

13. Eat blueberries.

14. Play my guitar.

15. Shop.

16. Talk to a very important person.

17. Visit a charity shop.

18. Continue plotting ‘The Birds and the Bees’.

19. Dream.

20. Dance.

21. Use Facebook.

22. Tell someone I love them.

23. Read with a dog asleep by me.

24. Volunteer.

25. Play a game on my phone.

26. Make sure the tide comes in.

27. Give thanks.

28. Encourage someone.

29. Laugh at myself.

30. Look out the window for a long time.

31. Be rude on the phone to a cold caller trying to sell me something.

32. Say thank you.

33. Remember I have boundaries.

34. Be patient.

35. Water my plants.

36. Only swear when it’s essential.

37. Go out in the rain.

38. Admire the Gorse.

39. Eat an egg.

40. Go to Moniack Mhor.

41. Forget.

42. Ask for help.

43. Sit on the outside looking in. 

44. Watch the sun rise.

45. Play with the dogs.

46. Phone a friend.

47. Text a friend.

48. Become a cat plaything.

49. Make my husband smile.

50. Achieve world domination.


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