Preparings and Partings


I received a particularly meaningful message from someone today.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hear from people who have read and enjoyed my writing.  This encounter was especially moving because of the person’s story and all she shared.  I felt privileged and humbled.  CHASING RAINBOWS is a short anthology of poetry on grief and loss.  It took a long time to bring together, but I am pleased with it.  Although much of the work explores my own experience of loss, some of the poems were inspired by working as a mental health chaplain.  The front cover is a rainbow I shot very close to where I live in the Highlands.

I have been thinking about partings in recent days too with the death of a mentor from an earlier period in my life.  We haven’t seen each other for a good few years, but she has never been far from my thoughts.  she was a formidable role model, with a major intellect, immense emotional awareness and, most importantly, a tremendous sense of fun.  One of those people who is generous with her talents, time, energy and spirit.  She is still around.  She has touched too many lives to ever be truly absent.

Partings are coming with the completion of the time I am working with Flip Artists and enjoying the fruits of their Award.  I hate good-byes.  It is poignant.  I have got used to the staff being at the end of an email and checking in to see how work is progressing.  They are an interesting and varied group of creatives.  It’s been brilliant working with them.  I suspect all the award artists feel much the same.  I am certainly indebted to them for what they have enabled to happen to me.

Preparings are also in the air.  A pitch to write for my latest book, SLEIGHT OF HAND.  A trip to BLOODY SCOTLAND this weekend and some wonderful upcoming invitations.  Extraordinary opportunities all things considered.

I’m determined not to waste a minute.


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