An Audience with Ben Galley or Lettuce Eating for Beginners


I needed to get my head round this. I’ve put it off just like I avoid starting a diet or working out my expenses.  Today I did it.  I braced myself.  I faced my fear.  I went to a day workshop on self publishing!

    Don’t get me wrong I love anything remotely nerdy.  Research a speciality.  It’s the self publicity which has defeated me, but not any more.  

    If I were to classify myself as an animal when it comes to self promotion, I’d have to say I’m a tortoise. Behind a computer screen, head out, telling the world about the things that inspire and challenge me.  In public I’m learning how to talk about what I do in a relaxed way.  But every now and then despite my best efforts my head almost involuntarily retreats into my shell.  It’s funny really. 

   Today this shy tortoise enjoyed a timely intervention.  I was fed some fresh lettuce and dressed in a new knitted suit.  I was in the delicious position of realising I knew much more than I realised.  Ben helped me envision my goals.  He’s an engaging and lively teacher and my goodness there isn’t much he doesn’t know about fantasy literature and self publishing.  I was impressed by his call to prospective self publishers to be as professional as conventional publishing. 

    Ben dispelled many myths and made the self-publishing world accessible.  If you get a chance to pick up on one of his workshops, I’d strongly commend them.

    This tortoise is out of her shell and going for it BIG TIME.  I could manage a whole lettuce leaf now.  No probs.

    I feel some major makeovers coming on.


    A busy bee tortoise at work.


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