Past Lives

      I’ve been having fun de-cluttering ‘the pod’.  The place where I write.  It’s a tiny space overpowered by two filing cabinets.

It’s taken a long time to find the emotional energy to go through files.  I don’t know why I was worried, it’s been huge fun mixed with moments of powerful memories.  Today in between domestic inevitabilities, research for Duty of Care and dog games, I’ve been discerning the future of files from my vicaring days.  One pile have made it into my memory box.  I’ve filled two refuse sacks!

My initial reaction was that all those old sermons, meditations and prayers would make excellent kindling.  Friends pulled me back from the brink!  I’ve saved anything that moves me still.  

My friend Rhys started me thinking outside my narrow box.  I’m going to publish the best on Kindle as short themed pamphlets for people, who for whatever reason, do not now go to church but want to maintain a connection.


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