Feminist Author Fight Back

    Can it be true that women authors who submit using a male alias receive more positive feedback than they do owning their gender?  Yes, according to reports in the papers.  

      Inequality remains a live issue in society, so why I am surprised it is so in the creative arts?  I hoped we were an enlightened bunch.  My own experience is that for the most part we are.  Although I’ve heard sexist comments over the years, they have come from men whose views I wouldn’t generally seek out at the best of times.  Certainly not as insightful critics of the fiction I write.

    I suspect there is a certain degree of genre stereotyping around.  Romance written by women.  Thrillers by men.  The wisdom of those who have trod the path before suggests that, as writers, we need to research the agents and publishers we intend to submit to thoroughly.  Their client list tells a story.  Would I want to be represented by the same agent as Jeremy Clarkson?  Probably not. 



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