Obi Personal Log Aged One Year and Eleven Twelfths: One Paw Down

I am unable to work.  I’m not sure what I’ve done, but one of my back paws is swollen around the pad and I am finding it impossible not to lick and bite it.  
Mum has talked to the vet on the phone.  Everyone thinks the most likely is that I either twisted it or stepped on something.  I don’t really remember. One minute it was fine, the next I was in agony.  I immediately retreated to my bed to work on it.  I think Mum thought I was chewing a toy.  When I could make it no better with a little determined nibbling, I presented my dying swan to my Mum.  This involved sinking slowly to the ground in front of her and lifting aforementioned appendage in the air.  She checked both back paws and pronounced the painful one, swollen.  She would have no truck with my determination to bite it back to its more usual size.  She held the paw and stroked my head.
I wasn’t comfy, I’ll be honest, so she phoned the out of hours vet.  Jamie has put me on two lots of Metacam a day and rest.  I am not allowed to bite or lick the area.  I must not run.  I must rest.  I am not to work while I’m swollen and I’m to go into the vet if it isn’t better in the next twenty-four hours or so. 
I have swallowed my medication like a hero.  I am being cuddled.  I am in a funny place where I can see rainbow bunnies wearing guide dog harnesses but my paw doesn’t hurt as much.  Forgive me yawning but sleep is a serious business.  Time to get on.


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  1. Poor Obi! Obviously been working too hard – feel better soon 🙂

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