Obi: Who is She?

Foster mum collected me from my boarding family today.  My little human sister was very sad I was leaving, but she gave me a beautiful card.  I will remember her always.  She was fun.
I’m writing this while my new forever mum recovers from our afternoon class.  It was easy-peasy lemon squeasy but I don’t think she entirely agrees.  I’d have never have guessed that she could do quite so many crass things with a lead.  It is not a ball of wool.  I am not a kitten.
We have been together for six hours.  There are positives and negatives.
Positives are:

She has a soothing voice.

She has a nice laugh.  I wag my tail.

She swears when she gets things wrong.

She hasn’t run over me yet.
For some reason she doesn’t want me to take my toys on her bed.  I was only being companionable.

She thinks my trainer knows exactly what to do.  I guess it will take her time to realise that she’d have a much easier time if she listened to me alone.
She hasn’t put the little containers of milk for coffee on her hotel dressing table for me to have when she goes to the loo.  This is a surprise.  They are very tasty.
She doesn’t give as many treats as my foster mum.  I have tried to explain this by standing on her wheelchair foot plate.  She thinks I want a bit of love.  Doh!
As first days go.  I suppose she’ll have to do, but I’m not sure that I would be better with a person who knows one end of a lead from the other.
Why is she calling me Obi, please?  Who is she?



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  1. Hey, it’s me, it’s Obi’s human sister! Hey! I hope you’re happy and I miss Obi but I hope he’s having a good time and, oh, Dad swears when he gets stuff wrong too! We have a new dog called Rusty but I call her RustySpoons!

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