Snow people and guide dogs

What does the Walt Disney movie ‘Frozen’ and Guide Dogs have in common?  No idea?  Olaf!
I received a call this morning from Guide Dogs to say they have a potential match for me in the shape of a Golden Retriever Black Labrador cross called Olaf – after the Snowman in ‘Frozen’.
My children were well grown by the time ‘Frozen’ hit the cinema, so the reference left me cold (boom, boom!)
I’ve since done some research.  Olaf is a lovable, impulsive, heroic and indestructible snow person.  This has to be a good omen for a guide dog!
Olaf the dog is not large apparently.  I’ve suggested this is not overly emphasised in his hearing as in my experience although Labradors will most often brazen these things out, Retrievers can be a tad over-sensitive.
By all accounts he has done well in preliminary wheelchair training.  He is young for his age which suits me as I’m positively adolescent.
As my first guide dog was a Golden Retriever and my second, a Labrador, this sounds as though it has a lot of potential.
As soon as the new powered chair is home, he will fly up and make a visit.  Time to check out the dynamic with the existing pack and then into town to try out a route, I’d guess.
I am being sensible.  The match may not work.  The very first dog I was assigned when training for ministry in Salisbury was a beautiful dog called Zola.  She would have been great apart from the fact that we quickly discerned she had a deep, if uncomplicated fascination with ducks.  Salisbury is a duck haven.  The ducks even have right of way in the cathedral at the crossing.  Zola was waved off to find another work partner and the lovely Teddy arrived.
Olaf does sound very promising I have to say.  I am beyond words with gratitude to the Guide Dogs team for organising this.  Looks like 2017 is set to be an exceptional year. 




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  1. So pleased to hear this – Olaf sounds lovely, hope it all works out for you 🙂


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