Free the Wheelchair One: A Knight in Shining Armour

Who’d have thought it?  There are knights in shining armour riding around out there.  Not many sport the full regalia, but they’re there all right.  I’ve spotted one.  For real.  Probably doesn’t want too much attention, mind.  No.  I don’t need to adjust my medication – thank you for enquiring.


Mine is one of my newest friends – David.  While I’ve been prattling on about life without a wheelchair, what does he do?  He’s only gone and written to Nicola Sturgeon (The Great One) asking why there is a discrepancy between the official guidelines in Scotland and those in England and Wales!  I’m gobsmacked.  Just a little in awe.  It’s exactly the sort of thing I’d do – pick up the gauntlet; wade into battle on behalf of someone else.  I’m unused to being on the receiving end of such practical action-fuelled kindness.  It’s given me back my spring in my step which is impressive in itself in a manual chair…  Yes, I know.  I’m off again.


I’m only just getting to know David and his wife Gill, so I am doubly touched by their concern.  You rock guys.  Thank you so much.


I can’t be the only person who is terrific at rolling my sleeves up and supporting others, and yet I need to take a bit of a run up, and maybe, a breather before I fight full on for my own rights?  I’ve got hugely better at this over the years.  I need a ramp onto my hobby horse it’s true (Don’t worry I’ve started, but I won’t finish).  But I am much better at standing my ground (well sitting on it like a brood hen).  It’s hard work though which makes David’s imaginative act of kindness all the more touching.


It’s also given me an idea.  Maybe other people would like to write to Nicola Sturgeon too and ask why this discrepancy is there?  I’m writing, and I’ve decided I’m asking for a meeting.  I’m also going to see my MSP.


As fair as a new powered chair is concerned.  I have three inspiring fund-raising ideas so far.  I can either write you a poem for a donation of a thousand pounds.  Ten poems will cover the cost of the chair.  Or I can preach an affirming sermon on a theme of your choice – ditto donation.  Or I can let you ride around in my manual chair for a whole week – going where you will – see above.  I reckon I can crack this.


As you’ve gathered, I have reached the point where all I can do is laugh.  I have now.  Now is great.  There’s no point in holding on with too tighter grip to then; ‘then’ has done its worst.  Now has possibilities.




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