New Curtains

In amongst work today I’ve watched the new curtains go up in our inner sanctum – our new bedroom.  The room’s had a once over with emulsion (shut my eyes and roller) and some jaunty, nautical wallpaper.


I feared the curtains were an error of judgement.  A little too seaside awning?  They’re up and I love them.  (Relief all round, but I’m ready for the teasing!).  I know they won’t appeal to everyone but they float my boat (sorry – couldn’t resist).
I think it maybe a throwback to being surrounded by marionettes, vent’ dolls and glove puppets.  Our subconscious works in mysterious ways.


So this afternoon we move chest of drawers in.  I am in charge of placing.  Simon (my husband) is doing the graft.   I am a fortunate woman.
We slept in there for the first time last night.  It has the W-G seal of approval.  The dogs were settled like furry stepping stones in the hall.  Bertie the cat made himself at home on our bed.  Indeed he was mortified this morning to be moved. 

All this interior ‘design’ is coming together.  I think our style is best described as eccentric eclectic and proud.



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