Free The Wheelchair One: Progress!

I’ve had a letter this morning from my MP, Drew Hendry.  I’m not easily seduced by power but the House of Commons logo on the envelope; the headed notepaper does add a certain gravitas, no denying it.


Drew Hendry has asked a question about wheelchair guidelines in Scotland of Shona Robison at the Department of Health.  She has twenty days to reply.  Today’s was a holding letter to let me know enquiries were underway.  It’s a good start.


Less thrilling was chasing up The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.  I’d submitted an on line application for him to look into my case a month ago.  I thought it was odd that I’d heard zilch.  They have no record of receiving my information.  This is disappointing.  I’d even sent a copy via snail mail.  I guess it’s the luck of the draw that mine is the one that gets mislaid in the system.


I’ve received the paper forms.  Today I filled everything, in the old fashioned way.  It will go in the post later.  Reading the paperwork through again from NHS Highland, it reads as complete nuts to me that I haven’t been given a powered chair.  Lets hope the Ombudsman agrees.  Holds up the precedent set in England and Wales that a powered chair is an appropriate mobility aid for a person who is visually-impaired and uses a guide dog.


I have to say that while all this is going on Guide Dogs are being wonderful; supportive, encouraging and practical.  They’re as committed to seeing justice done as I am.  I can’t tell you what a difference this makes.  It’s terribly hard to explain what my quality of life is like not having a powered chair.  It’s everything from keeping going on flare up days when I can barely move.  I like to work no matter what as it’s the ultimate distraction from pain; to being able to get out and about without being pushed.  It’s lovely having helpful family and friends do this, but it’s wonderful not to require it; expect it.  It’s a self-esteem issue as much as anything; the opportunity to be spontaneous; to do things for others as well as myself; it is in essence, my freedom.





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