The Scottish Parliament Gets My Vote

Today we have an Election.  A day when we can put our cross where our considered opinions have led us.
As an immigrant to Scotland, I couldn’t be prouder of the way it conducts political business.  The organisation of the parliamentary chamber encourages engagement.  It is a professional debating arena and not a kindergarten at playtime.
I like the way hustings are so courteous; that there is a genuine concern for community whether that’s regeneration or a desire for things to return to a previous age.  It’s the commitment that’s impressive.
I love the compassion for those with little, for young people attending University and for those in need of social care.
It’s no sinecure.  We are way behind the rest of the UK regarding life expectancy.  Education is a ticking bomb as is healthcare.  We are yet to have serious discussions about what it will be reasonable for an ageing population to expect from the Welfare State.
I like our legal system too.  Our demure perhaps self-deprecating tendency to underplay our skills and giftedness.
So tonight, as I settle to watch the Election results, I am excited.  There will be changes; transformations and signs of hope.  Whatever we go on.  We grow. 



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