Toe-gate and Cockroaches

My little toe’s press release:
I wish to thank the many people who have expressed concern and sent sympathy messages following my recent accident.  Your good wishes and love have cheered me no end.  I am resting comfortably and recovering well.  Thank you.  I like ice cream.  Just saying.
As part of my research for my next book I’m reading a wonderful novel about Cockroaches.  It’s not for the feint hearted.  If you’re not keen on mess, food droppings and bodily functions I’d be inclined to stick with Georgette Heyer.  But if you like something a little different that will encourage you to think outside your human box, this book is as entertaining as it is informative about the secret lives of roaches.
I was tipped off about the book during the writers course at Moniack Mhor.  After hearing a rather raw piece I’d written from the perspective of a blow fly, Anna introduced me to ‘The Roaches Have No King’ by Daniel Evan Weiss and published by Pointed Prose Press in 1990. 

 I’ve been reading all day.  Nearly finished it.  I’ve loved it.  Great story.  Quirky too.  But I am looking at roaches with awesome respect now.  Who knew they could regenerate?   Little toe, this is so not the time to have big ideas.



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