Grab Your Hairbrush

After all the stimulation of Moniack Mhor Crime Writing Course last week, settling back into my usual work pattern seems awfully tame.

I’m missing everyone.  The tutors for structuring our day.  The staff for gently sorting out our needs.  My fellow participants for their unfailing passion for writing and their generosity.

Mind you there are pluses to my traditional work pattern.  Full immersion – not coming up for air to chat –  and coffee on tap!

So I am about to dive back into work.  I’ll submerge for a couple of hours and then break.

Hope your day has some creativity built in.  If not, grab your hairbrush and sing your favourite song or do a dance.  Don’t let the day runaway with so many ‘to do’s’ it’s hard to have fun.  I’m not going to.



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