Duty of Care: My Next Novel

Sometimes I have to be cruel to be kind.  Editing a rudimentary draft is demanding.  I’m getting ruthless in my old age losing around 20,000 words from the first part of the book.
As I’m getting to know my own writing voice I’m realising that I’m a slow burn.  I need to write a lot about the people in the book before I crash headlong into the story.
Of course for me it’s a labour of love.  I am climbing inside a new set of characters and walking round.  Sadly for a reader I came to the conclusion it was about as exciting as watching paint dry.
It feels better now but I’m sure I’ll be delving back into my ‘Duty of Care: odds and sods’ folder to remind my self of the back story.
I am liking the shape of the narrative much more.  So let’s hope slimmer and trimmer means more engaging.


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