Free the Wheelchair One: The Fight Back

Bad news is a bummer at the best of times.  Hearing that my complaint to NHS Highland had been unsuccessful regarding my treatment by Wheelchair Services was both painful and unjust.

It’s never easy to complain.  I’m mindful that the system favours (unfairly in my view) those who do feel comfortable using technology and expressing themselves not just clearly but with some articulateness.  

Working out what to do and how to do it, would be a mammoth task for many.  I enjoy words and writing but I found that when my disappointment turned to despair, it was difficult to believe that it was all going to be worth the effort.  As yet I don’t know that it will be, but I’ve enough of my old mojo back to want to try.

Of course I want a powered chair.  I want to see others treated in a more empowering manner too.  It really isn’t good enough in a world where people are presenting with a mixture of impairments to say that there isn’t a creative way forward.

I have passed details of my case on to the Public Services Ombudsman for further adjudication.  What worries me are all the people who fall through the growing cracks in our health and social care system who don’t think they have the energy to fight or the time.

No system can ever be perfect but we do need to do some hard reflecting on what a joined up system of health provision and life long care will look like.  We can’t hide behind others saying it’s more than my job’s worth or not my problem.  We need to build in greater checks and balances and watch out for some of the signs that services are less than they could be. 



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