Seeing the Light

A moment of clarity,

muddied thinking drying out;

Lucid hopes pervade.

For this alone we offer

a fanfare of gratitude, a gift,

graciously repaid.

The liminal,

a star filled sky;

The journey, wond’rous to this 


A challenging trek

Through wilderness,

The stifling, heady heat,

Our lengthening musings,

Each dust filled end of day.

The light dawned.

A determined certainty wrapped 

round us, shielding us from the 

coolness of scepticism.

This is surely the path?

Flaring, sparking,

our commitment glows fiercely 

Underscoring revelation,

Urging us to rush.

We meander.

Surer in our footsteps,

bathed in anticipation,

Confidence assured.

We have seen the light.

We offer what we have with us;

Surprised at what is taken.

Not our status, luxuries or life 


but our sense of awe and our need 

to reason.



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