Precious? Moi?

Some days it’s good to turn the computer off and do other stuff.  Saturdays are my catch up days.

Being disabled means pacing is all.  I work on something physical for a few minutes and then need to rest.  It can have the feeling of painting the Forth Bridge – yes I know they have new paint which means they don’t have to start again as soon as they finish – but you get the idea.

Today, acutely aware that we need to cover huge vet bills, I’m selling anything not nailed down on eBay.  Allowing for a certain hyperbole, I have a massive box of jumble, listings to sell and a huge pile more once I’m able to go for my first 100! I’ve pressed the button anyhow.

I’m not quite an eBay Virgin but I’m not far off.  It’s a baptism of fire.

I can’t help thinking there’s a story in it.  The woman who couldn’t stop selling her goods.  I’m warning my partner to keep on the move.  I may take a photo and put him on special offer.  Although the postage would be expensive.  I’m not sure I’m entirely comfortable with the image of him as ‘local pick up’.


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