Down To Earth


Back at my desk in The Pod working on DUTY OF CARE. I have an excellent morning with a mixture of research and re-drafting.  I like to shape stories as I go.  We’re all different, but this works for me.  Full day today writing.  I’m glad to be back.

I am very caught by the current refugee situation.  I am impressed that people have been mobilised into providing practical support, donating everything from tents to towels.  Although I do accept there will be some abuses of the system, the harsh reality of people dying simply trying to get to another country where they will feel safer is intolerable.  We are increasingly living in a society where people on the edges are dropping off, losing their lives because of our lack of compassionate, imaginative response.  I fear none of us can sit back for much longer and say I can do nothing; this isn’t my problem.


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